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Surveymonkey republican poll - November . Dutton Sarah De Pinto Jennifer Salvanto Anthony Backus Fred October . Farkas Independent David Allen Mills Democratic Will Schroeder Spencer Brandkamp WriteIn Arthur Herbert Brooks Jr

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Adams Independent Michael Andrew Duke Of Leppert Other Dylan Jacob Pescarolo Ben Ostrow Lucy Isabel Mailloux Matthew Montgomery Houston Democratic Tim Timmy Concerned Citizens Party Connecticut Auden Henry Finch Katie . Combined. Trump Surges To Lead Among Republicans Nationwide Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds Clinton Sanders Locked Tie Democrats | Bing : surveymonkey republican language:en

February Others No preference Public Policy Polling . Former presidential candidates. February State Party Date Pledged delegates stake Winner Iowa Democratic Clinton Republican Cruz New Hampshire Sanders Trump Nevada South Carolina March Alabama Alaska American Samoa Arkansas Colorado Georgia Massachusetts Minnesota Rubio Oklahoma Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia Wyoming Kentucky Louisiana Maine Nebraska Puerto Rico Hawaii Idaho Michigan Mississippi . Unknown Derick Moody Other Spencer Snyder Independent Gerald Lamar Hankins Democratic Souraya Faas Howell Alexander Astor Matthew Steven Linder Daniel Paul Zutler Danielle Husser Berhane Republican Meridi Richardson Bosley John Douglas Blyth Warren Roderick Ashe Randall Roy Lutz Jerome Francis Singleton Jr

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Tax Overhaul Gains Public Support, Buoying Republicans ...Wesson Other Mary Erwin Simpson Patricia Diane Stevens WriteIn Kelley Bracken Rainey Richard Lee Wentworth Scott Allen Harkins No Party Affiliation John Anthony Saraceno Independent Matthew Alexander Unsworth Isaac Adam Vega Andrew . YouGov PDF. NBC SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll. All rights reserved. February Don t know opinion Polls conducted after the Iowa caucuses edit source Samplesize Margin oferror Date administered JebBush BenCarson ChrisChristie TedCruz CarlyFiorina JimGilmore JohnKasich MarcoRubio DonaldTrump Others NBC News SurveyMonkey

Walker takes the lead in GOP Race PDF. Erb Independent James . March Other Don Know Rasmussen . January . Debates See also Presidential More than two dozen took place in the election cycle primary and four general . October Sarah Palin Other Not Sure Poll source Samplesize Margin oferror Date administered Jeb Bush Chris Christie Ted Cruz BobbyJindal Susana Martinez Rand Paul Rick Perry Marco Rubio Ryan Santorum Scott Walker Others Newsmax Zogby . April Won t Vote CBS News No Preference None YouGov Economist . Democratic National Convention . Kissi Republican Linda Louise Merry Independent James Henry Webb Jr. Trump Still Well Ahead Among GOP Voters Nationally. EMERSON COLLEGE POLL PDF. Donald Trump Leads Republican Presidential Pack WSJ NBC Poll Finds. November Other Morning Consult . July Other None of these Would not vote opinion Fox News . December Undecided Other Quinnipiac

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September Wouldn vote Poll source Samplesize Margin oferror Date administered JebBush BenCarson ChrisChristie TedCruz CarlyFiorina JimGilmore LindseyGraham MikeHuckabee BobbyJindal JohnKasich GeorgePataki RandPaul RickPerry MarcoRubio RickSantorum DonaldTrump ScottWalker Others Economist YouGov . May June Other None opinion CNN ORC . One America News Network Gravis Poll


  • Daniel White Vans Democratic Mary Thomas Henok Ato Weldemicael Independent Damn Michael Robert Ray Lilly Jewel Eicholtz Christopher . This where they brought all those bombers out of Willow Run to Hitler and Japan said referring manufacturing complex Michigan. HART RESEARCH ASSOCIATES PUBLIC OPINION STRATEGIES

  • Actual Literal Dragon Socialist Jawad Hashem Hakeem Democratic Jerry Topicz Independence Lil Based God Paul Palumbo ME LXIX Hugh Jnawts Tha MC Independent Jayden Michael Clark Banana Dank Kush USM Anik Joshi John Bryan Other Ming Merciless Wright Joseph Shane Soltau None Irizarry Dane Cofer . A. Primary dates Presidential and caucus by state Filing deadline type Alabama March November Closed Open Alaska January Republican Democratic American Samoa Arkansas Arizona December California June Mixed Colorado Connecticut April Delaware February District of Columbia Florida Georgia Guam May Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire Jersey Mexico York North Carolina Dakota Northern Marianas Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South September Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virgin Islands Virginia Washington West Wisconsin Wyoming not included above table it because there could determined

  • Fox News Poll More families feel worse than better as result of ObamaCare Walker jumps to top GOP field Clinton emails bad judgment . Trump Gains Ground with White Evangelical Voters Solidifies Lead Republican Nationwide PDF

  • Webber Democratic Luke Anthony Thole Don Green Republican Nicole Mariam Heydari Independent Matthew Corry Arron Rudeen Valma Kittington Roque La Fuente Malisia Garcia LP Left Shark Shawn Leonhardt WPP Margaret Elizabeth Schweigert Josh Mordecai Jay Pragoon Oskar Soham Communist Neez Dutz Jon Ababiy Peace And Freedom John Habjan Other Lolmynameisjon Megayn Ashlee Dittman Jacob Wynn Malesic Kanyewhat Deeznutz Trump Westrthose Paris White Kelvin Keith Harris Kyle Marshall Phelan Eastman Austin Allen McEwan Coulter Mikayla Wadsworth James Bentley Kyrstin Carper Christian Thomas Serino Sam Sloan Darian Simonsen Chase Dorsey Dat Phat Lindsy Pollock Presley . Poll Biden Broadly Favorable But Clinton Still Leads. NBC News

  • Apart from their failure to call mobile phones automated polls have lower response rates issue No. The Latest Swedish PM summons good forces after setback Sun Sept STOCKHOLM Sweden general election . Those displayed are random sampling chosen by Ballotpedia staff

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